Mummy Tummy Liposuction

Dr Nitesh Prajapat the Director of the facility and Consultant Dermatologist sexologist and Hair and Melanocyte Cell Transplant specialist is a prestigious and presumed restorative specialist of International class with functional, bona fide and broad experience and capability in this exciting field.

Mummy Tummy Liposuction

It requires some investment and a severe eating routine and exercise system to lose the child fat accumulated during pregnancy. For certain ladies diet and exercise can work alone. Nonetheless, for those ladies that don’t profit from diet and exercise, belly liposuction utilizing VASER liposuction method can be an extraordinary choice. It is likewise an option in contrast to customary abdominoplasty, otherwise called belly fold.

Liposuction of midsection is an outpatient system and it tends to be performed under cognizant sedation. The recuperation is a lot quicker than conventional abdominoplasty and you are not left with a long scar to your mid-region.

Mummy belly liposuction can be joined with abdominoplasty or stomach fold. Indeed joining these two methods results in better molding of the midsection.

Furthermore, stomach liposuction can be joined with bosom expansion or bosom lift. This mix is ordinarily called as mother makeover in which a lady attempts to get back her pre-child body.

Ideal candidate for Mummy Tummy Liposuction

Pregnancy can extend your stomach skin and muscles to account for your developing child. It requires some investment before you can get the muscle tone back in your muscular strength. These ladies can profit from mummy belly liposuction.

Ladies who have sensible skin yet not inordinate measures of free skin. Those ladies with almost no muscle division. In the event that ladies do have free skin and bunches of fat and they simply need to glance better in garments, then, at that point Vaser Liposuction might be a choice. It is ideal to see our Doctors at Mokosh Skin center to survey your circumstance. Wait don’t as well and make an arrangement at one of our centers situated at Pune, Bangalore, Delhi or Gurgaon and take the choice to put your best self forward utilizing insignificantly obtrusive method.

Liposuction Technique

Sedation is given utilizing intravenous sedation

Then, at that point, extremely small cuts are made any place the liposuction is required. For the most part somewhere close to 2-4 minuscule entry points are made. The stomach region is loaded up with a bloated saline arrangement that contains nearby sedative and numbs the site and therapist the veins (this will limit any blood misfortune and diminish swelling). This saline arrangement wets and fills the region to be dealt with, making it simpler to separate greasy tissue with the Vaser framework’s ultrasound energy.

Then, a little test is embedded into the treatment region. It sends sound energy to separate and condense or soften the fat, while safeguarding other significant tissues. This procedure specifically eliminates the more modest stores of fat encompassing explicit muscle gatherings. Thusly, this then, at that point upgrades the regular forms of the muscles.

At long last, a delicate attractions is utilized to eliminate the condensed or dissolved fat. This interaction limits injury to encompassing tissue constructions like nerves, veins and connective tissue. This methodology advances smooth outcomes and quick recuperating. The benefits of vaser liposuction incorporate

  • Smooth contouring
  • Low to minimal quickly
  • Resume activities quickly
  • Minimal swelling and bruising bruising
  • Gentle wrist motion by surgeon: Precise sculpting and contour
  • Finesse

Benefits of Tummy Liposuction

As well as being less obtrusive and less awful system than a conventional stomach fold, belly liposuction requires less cuts, less scarring and no removal of the tummy button. You ought to guarantee that you completely comprehend the system and pose bunches of inquiries while you are choosing whether this is the right answer for you. At last, the choice ought to be yours and yours just nonetheless, having settled on the best choice for you, you will be on the way to joining the many cheerful ladies and men who go through stomach liposuction consistently and who are enchanted with the outcomes. In the wake of having a Tummy Liposuction system it is a lot harder to get fat again around here.

Aftercare post liposuction

After the procedure,your stomach region will be canvassed in swathes and pressure article of clothing should be worn for a little while to lessen the expanding and swelling. The expanding and swelling can endure as long as 10 days. We will furnish you with pain relievers which should assist you with torment. We will likewise put you on anti-microbials to keep away from any diseases.

Some liquid might spill from cut destinations for some days which is ordinary.

On returning home after the technique, you won’t be laid up, and we urge you to move about. Everybody mends in an unexpected way, you know your own body and we urge you pay attention to it and give yourself an opportunity to recuperate appropriately. Typical day by day exercises can be returned the following day after the method yet we propose you kindly stay away from fiery exercises, for example, extraordinary exercise or sports for around 2-3 weeks.

Eventual outcomes of your medical procedure can be seen around 90 days after your method of stomach liposuction.

Success Stories

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Divya Agrawal

"The doctors and the clinic deserve true recommendation for their services and treatment. Ihe doctors are highly experienced and the staff is very supportive and caring. I felt just like my home at the clinic. The clinic is best for any sort of hair treatment. "Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person"

Sahil Sharma

"T don't know how to express my thanks for the excellent job Dr. NitishPrajapat has performed on my gynecomastia surgery.I am not ashamed to take off his shirt now, and going to swimming. My self-esteem has risen dramatically. "Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person."

Shivani Pandey

"T had Vaser Hi Def 4D liposuction with Dr Nitish Prajapat 3 months ago. Best decision I ever made. Great success with the procedure and I felt cared for and everyone had my best interest at heart. Could not be happierll! Everyone at the Institute is greatlll". "Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person"

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